Terms And Condition

All warranty claims are determined by Axis Furniture service department and will be honored with replacement product of the same.

Axis furniture has its options

  1. Any components replaced under Warranty might vary in color and texture to the original and such variations are not considered a defect and limited to defective component only
  2. The above conditions apply for any manual, electronic or electrical functional products.
  3. While making an order through online or direct the Axis furniture has full rights to honor or cancel the order without any reasons.
  4. Customers should make full payment for the model they purchase through our Online store or our authorized Axis Furniture representatives.
  5. If a customer purchases a Layby product, Axis furniture has full rights to either honor or reject the order and may collect the full or partial payment as mentioned in our online website or with our representative.
  6. If customer prefers and earlier delivery Axis furniture advise our customers to discuss with our friendly customer support team to avoid any difficulties.
  7. Once the order is completed, customer will receive a confirmation email with their registered email address with the product and payment details and delivery date and address.
  8. Axis Furniture will make all necessary quality check before dispatching the product from our warehouse. This may sometimes have the boxes opened and resealed from the manufacturer packaging.
  9. The product price mentioned online or physically at our warehouse are for illustration purpose and customer can enquire within for the right details if needed.
  10. The products displayed online or at our warehouse like color, dimensions or any other factors may slightly vary due to natural situations
  11. Based on the demand sometimes the product price can vary higher or lower without prior notice.
  12. Axis Furniture reserves the right to change or delete the product with our online store.
  13. Axis Furniture assures our customers of prompt and speedy action in any matters of delivery or service.
  14. Before processing any order with our online store or at our warehouse, we advise the customers to contact us to discuss about the product details and deliver charges.
  15. Axis furniture has rights to introduce or withdraw promotions time to time
  16. Axis furniture will keep you updated on every movements of your order and ensure to keep our customers happy.