Axis Furniture warrants all kind of products and components sold under Axis furniture either by online or direct for 365 days from the day the product is delivered at customers location which gives our customers a complete peace of mind.  Please read the warranty carefully and it all implies subject to the terms designed for our customers enjoy the best with our policies.

What is covered by the Warranty?
  1. Axis furniture components including Leathers, Fabrics*, foam, feather and fiber fillings, suspension, springs, mechanisms (including sofa bed mechanisms), hydraulics, zippers, touch fasteners and legs)
  2. Sofa accessories, Steel and wooden frames, manual, electrical accessories, electronics and motion components are valid for 6 months
  3. Living bedroom, dining and furnishing products are valid for one year.
What is not covered by the Warranty?
  1. Damage at any stage during the use of the product by the original purchaser who shifts the product to a different location inside or outside Australia.
  2. Warranty does not apply if the product not been purchased directly from Axis Furniture or been modified and changed or removed tags, altered or defaced or an outside repairer has repaired without Axis Furniture knowledge
  3. Fabrics, leather, cushion fillings, pocket springs will show signs of wear and tear of continuous usage of products overtime. Foam and filling will show sign of soften and may reshape over time of usage based on the degree of usage
  4. Customers should care while using the products for long life and if needed customers should periodically replace the cushion fillings, suspension if and when required.
  5. Any scars, marks, cutting of leather, differing pore density and color change caused by exposure to local environment not limited to fabrics, leathers, timber and solid frames due to are natural characteristics of leather and are not considered as defects.
  6. Axis furniture reserves the right to determine at its discretion any time if a component is being failed due to the customer usage. If any item is required for replacement due to wear and tear will be at your own expenses.
  7. Please note that the products are manufactured with international standards at international locations and Axis Furniture will only provide a repair or replacement services to the extent and in some case need to obtain manufacturer’s approval otherwise we will not offer that repair or replacement warranty for such item
  8. If the claim is an invalid clam, the customer should pay the Freight, call-out fees, labor and other additional expenses and Axis furniture will only be liable to the cost of its pre-approved confirmation either by email or in writing. All pre-approval must be obtained by the customer prior to any service arrangement.
  9. Doing a repair under the warranty period will also void the warranty of the product and Axis furniture will not undertake any further care to those products.
  10. Axis Furniture recommends a proper care of usage of our products and any defects caused due transfer of goods, poor maintenance, commercial usage or defect while transit will not be considered under warranty. You must read the warranty conditions carefully so as to ensure the products are used for longer life.
  11. Extended warranty can be obtained with additional charges at the time of purchase of the product. Customer cannot purchase extended warranty after you complete the purchase.
  12. If a customer changes their mind after the purchase of the product and if they want to exchange the product with another model or return or cancel the product, Axis furniture has full rights to reject or accept the returns with our return or refund policy.